Articles Review

For each article, write reviews that answer these questions. 

1. What are some of the main ideas  the author makes in the article?
2. What evidence does the author use to support his or her main points?
3. List and elaborate on five things you learned from this article.
4. Did you enjoy this article? If so why? If not, why not? EXPLAIN (3 sentences minimum)
5. Did you learn any new words in this article?
6. Were there any dates mentioned in this article? What events happened on these dates? Why were the events important? (no more than five)

7. What shocked or surprised you the most about this article?
8. Find a work of art that reflects one aspect of main topic of this article. Paste the image on your paper, along with a brief description of the artist, genre, date. 
9.  Submit your article reviews, ALL AT ONCE, on a google doc and share it with me.

American History I Articles 
4. What was life like in 1600s England? Most immigrants to North America are coming from here, so let's see what life was like for them. 

American History II Articles 


2. Jacob Riis 

3.   World War One : birds 

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