Instructor:  Mr. Steven A. Hill
American History I, Fall 2016 Syllabus
Contact  info for Mr. Hill:
      1)      US History Textbook: provided in class
      2)      Two notebooks. One will be your personal notebook the other an in-class journal
--   1 pack of pencils / pens
--      1 three ring binder
--      1 ream of paper 8x11 inch…any color
Basis for Grading:
60% Tests
40%  Homework  / quizzes, journals, and in class assignments / formal essays
Goals of the course:
Students will gain an understanding of the history of America and the forming of the United States from inception to the late 1800s. In addition to learning content information (dates, events, people, ideas, etc) students will learn how to think like historians. Students will learn about the four historical thinking skills and in doings so, develop habits of the mind that will lead to greater understanding of how to evaluate past, and future, events.
Historical Thinking Skills
Skill 1: Crafting Historical Arguments from Historical Evidence
Skill 2: Chronological Reasoning
Skill 3: Comparison and Contextualization
Skill 4: Historical Interpretation and Synthesis

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